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Millboard Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak Deck Board

The coppered oak effect design gives a deeper colour to your decking, this brings out the enhanced g..


Millboard Enhanced Grain Golden Oak Deck Board

The golden oak appearance of the board represents a very close likeness to traditional oak timber, w..


Millboard Enhanced Grain Jarrah Deck Board

Jarrah enhanced grain decking has a very rich cherry finish, similar in appearance to traditional ha..


Millboard Enhanced Grain Limed Oak Deck Board

The limed oak plank has a lighter look than other millboard decking, with its flooring like appearan..


Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Deck Board

The smoked oak effect board has a great finish that helps your decking look slightly aged and lighte..


Millboard Brushed Basalt Deckboard

The brushed basalt effect design gives a deeper colour to your decking, this brings out the enh..


Millboard Weathered Oak Driftwood Deck Board

Weathered Driftwood decking boards have been moulded from hand-picked antique oak boards of over 100..


Millboard Weathered Oak Vintage Deck Board

The weathered decking has a unique finish which is manufactured to look and feel like a railway slee..


Millboard Enhanced Grain Burnt Cedar

The Burnt Cedar composite decking has a heavily burnt appearance which brings a new deep and dark&nb..


Millboard Decking Screws

Millboard Dura fix stainless steel trimmed screws are unique hidden decking fasteners, just screw in..